Summary of this course:

Basic Life Support & Medical Emergencies training is carried out by one of DD's qualified instructions within your own practice environment.

Course content:

  • In-house practice specific training.
  • Practical CPR demonstrations and assessment of competency on adult and child resuscitation manikins.
  • 'Hands on’ practical CPR session utilising basic resuscitation aids on both adult and child resuscitation manikins for all the team including an overview of defibrillation and its importance.
  • Bespoke Emergency Protocol.
  • ABCDE patient assessment.
  • Management of medical emergencies within primary care.
  • Review the British National Formulary guidance on drug administration for each of the listed medical emergencies.
  • Advice and recommendation on your existing practice emergency response kit.
  • DD trainer audit and recommendations as per UK Resuscitation Council and British National Formulary Guidelines.
  • Practice discussion to develop a bespoke emergency practice protocol/procedure.
  • Recovery position and practical assessment.
  • Practice team response, action taken and transfer of core and emergency services with a sample transfer patient form.