To order on the DD website you need to have an account. On the Registration form, if you already have an account with DD, you can enter your current Account Details. Otherwise register as a new customer, creating a username and password. Complete the fields in the rest of the form and select Register Now. You will be prompted by this message: "Your account has been successfully created and is awaiting confirmation from our sales team." Our DD sales team will confirm your account within one working day.

To change your password select My Account from the top navigation. Enter your Current Password and New Password. Click Change Password.

If you've forgotten your password, click the Forgotten Password link on the Sign In screen, enter your username and click Submit. We'll send you an email with a link to take you to the reset password page. Enter your New Password and Confirm Password. Click Reset Password.

To change your contact details select My Account and then Account Details from the top navigation. You can change your Full Name, Email Address or Telephone Number. Click Save Details.

The Primary User on an account is DD’s key point of contact. They can set up Secondary Users and request changes to delivery and invoice details. They can view Order History for the whole account. There is an option to be able to authorise orders and set Credit Limits of Secondary Users.

Only the Primary User manages delivery addresses. To change delivery details select My Account from the top navigation. Select Add Another Address and complete the fields or edit the existing entries. These require authorisation so won't be live until then.

DD provides the ability to save unlimited Favourites Lists so you can repeat common purchases. Favourites Lists are created by saving a Basket on the checkout page. Once saved, items can be removed or moved to another Favourites List.

For regular orders DD customers can upload a spreadsheet consisting of product code and the quantity. The spreadsheet needs to be saved as xls, xlsx or csv. This is a quick way to order frequently used items where quantities change. To upload your shopping list select Favourites from the top navigation. Click Import Products(xls/xlsx/csv). Using the dialog choose your spreadsheet. Press Upload & Import to complete. Your uploaded shopping list will be saved as a Favourites List.

DD customers can get frequently ordered products directly onto the site together with the quantity in Quick Shopping. Simply tab between rows for a quick way to get your well known products on-screen and add more if necessary. When finished click Purchase Items. You will be taken directly to Checkout - Confirm Order Details. You can now add basket reference, order reference or change delivery address if available. Finally, acknowledge the Terms and Conditions then Confirm Order.

At any point you can click View Basket to review your Basket. You can change quantities, remove items or clear the basket completely. Note it is your active basket that is shown and also does not display Quick Shopping selections.

Checkout stage 1 allows you to make any final amendments to your shopping. If you have more than one shopping basket populated you will be able to choose whether to purchase one, some or all baskets. Any of the populated Baskets can be saved as a Favourites List.

At Checkout stage 2 - Confirm Order Details, you can add a basket reference, order reference or change delivery address if available. Finally acknowledge the Terms and Conditions then Confirm Order. Secondary users that require authorisation will be displayed a message to that effect and also sent an email. Their Primary User also gets an email detailing the order and their login will be prompted with a blue Orders Require Authorisation message next time they login.

The majority of orders can be amended within the first 10 to 15 minutes of the order being confirmed online, however after this time it may not be possible as the order may already be in despatch from our warehouse. Please call the sales team on 0800 917 8525 Option 2 and one of our friendly advisors will be able to check this for you.