4000 Respiratory Monitor copd-6


For simple, fast & accurate COPD screening


  • For the early detection of COPD - quickly, simply and accurately
  • Identifies those at risk of COPD at the pre-symptomatic stage to allow early medical intervention and facilitate better clinical outcomes
  • Screens out those whose FEV1 is normal, and who therefore do not have COPD, without the risk of false COPD negatives
  • Facilitates 'case selection' so that spirometry resources can be focused on those most likely to be diagnosed with COPD
  • Monitors COPD patients using their 'number', the obstructive index, FEV1 as a percent of predicted
  • Displays FEV1, FEV6, ratio and % predicted, obstructive index, COPD classification and lung age
  • Built-in quality of blow indicator on a large, easy to read display
  • Easy to clean flowhead
  • Can be used with hygienic SafeTway mouthpieces or a BVF
  • Displays the GOLD COPD classification (stage I - IV) to help recognise the need for a change in the patient's management plan
  • Requires only minimal instruction for use by non-respiratory specialists


  • Parameters Displayed: FEV1/FEV6/ratio and % predicted
  • Quality of Blow Indicator: Yes
  • Obstructive Index: Mild, Moderate, Severe (FEV1% predicted)
  • COPD Classification: Normal (not COPD); Stage I, II, III & IV (FEV1% predicted)
  • Lung Age Indicator: Yes
  • Flow Impedance: Better than 0.15 kPa/L/s at 14 L/s
  • Sensor: Stator rotor
  • Operating Temperature Range: 17 - 37°C
  • Accuracy: Better than +/- 3%
  • Range: 0 - 9.99 L BTPS
  • Size: 113 x 63 x 48mm
  • Weight: 55g net
  • Display: Custom Liquid Crystal Display
  • Power: AAA batteries
  • Performance Standards: ISO 26782:2009 ISO 23747:2007 ATS/ERS 2005
  • Safety Standards: IEC 60601-1:2005
  • Medical Safety Standard: Medical Devices 93/42/EEC (as amended)
  • Designed and manufactured to following QA/GMP standards: ISO 13485:2003 FDA 21CFR820

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