High Sensitivity 10MHz vascular probe


The NEW XS High sensitivity probes are individually fine-tuned and tested to ensure consistently high performance and produce sound and sensitivity that gives the user clarity and accuracy like no other Doppler.

4 MHz Vascular Probe (HQD312)

  • The VP4-XS is a 4MHz Vascular probe and is perfect for detection of deep lying vessels

5 MHz Vascular Probe (HQD313)

  • The VP5-XS is a 5MHz Vascular probe which is used for oedematous limbs and deep lying vessels. An ideal probe as an adjunction to the EZ8 for ABPI measurements

8 MHz Vascular Probe (HQD314)

  • The VP8-XS is an 8MHz Vascular probe which is ideal for easier detection of peripheral vessels and calcified arteries

10 MHz Vascular Probe (HQD315)

  • The VP10-XS is a 10MHz Vascular probe and is perfect for detecting smaller vessels in specialist superficial applications

High Sensitivity 10MHz vascular probe - compatible with both NEW and STANDARD Dopplers. Please note this item is a direct send and will be sent direct by the supplier.