Seca mVSA 535 Spot-check-monitor BP/Pulse/ Sp02/Covidien Filac Temp: oral, axillar, rectal with Bi-directional wireless connectivity


Product Properties-

  • Conventional measurement of vital signs of blood pressure, SpO2, pulse rate and temperature.
  • Fast and easy assessment of body composition, e. g., fat mass, body water and muscle mass.
  • Easy integration into any EMR system and connection to seca measuring systems and scales.
  • Easy-to-understand graphic presentation of measurement results on the touchscreen monitor.
  • Internal storage for results of approximately 70,000 measurements.
  • Integrated replaceable rechargeable lithium ion battery in the monitor.

Functions and Properties-

  • EMR ready
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Mobile use
  • SpO2 Measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Touch-display

Key-Technical Data-

Blood pressure measurement method: Oscillometric, deflation or inflation measurement

Blood pressure measurement time: Normal,15-20 sec / max. 90 sec (adults)

SpO2 measurement method: Pulse oximetry

Temperature measurement response time: Predictive (oral) 3-10 sec.; Predictive (axillary/rectal) 8-14 sec.; Direct 60-120 sec

Temperature measuring method: Oral/axillary (direct or predictive)