AND TM-2441 24hr ABPM


The TM-2441 is a both compact & lightweight Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor, which incorporates the latest technology. This new ABPM range was validated in accordance with the new ISO810601-2 protocol, and the blood pressure accuracy was proven to be +/-3mmHg.

The new thoughtfully designed TM-2441 is designed specifically for purpose:-

Weight: The TM-2441 weighs just 135 grams, this makes the new A&D range the lightest in it's class.

Compact design: The new TM-2441 is the smallest in it's class, measuring just 66mm x 24.5mm x 95mm (WxHxD).

Soft cloth cuff: Unlike some of the rough plastic cuffs available on some older devices, the TM-2441 benefits from a soft, machine washable cloth, to ensure maximum comfort. The cuff range offers Upper Arm fitting from 15cm through to 50cm – ensuring peace of mind and a comfortable, accurate fit.

Multi-sensor: The new TM-2441 provides the Clinician with a complete and comprehensive monitoring solution, allowing the tracking and recording of additional patient-centric information whilst they are wearing the device. By recording Activity, Temperature and Air Pressure, the new TM-2441 provides a more inciteful view of the patient beyond just blood pressure recording and heart rate information – helping build a better picture for better clinical decisions.

Connectivity: The new A&D ABPM range offer both USB and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy/Bluetooth Smart) as standard.

Secure threaded cuff connection: The TM-2441 benefits from a secure thread-locking connection.

All-in-one monitoring solution: The new TM-2441 offers the clinician and patient complete flexibility, providing Ambulatory (ABPM), Home (HBPM), Office (OBP), Automatic Night Blood Pressure (ANBP), and Automatic Self Blood Pressure (ASBP) measurement/monitoring.

It also boasts A&D’s IHB (Irregular Heart Beat)/Circadian Rhythm analysis technology.


  • 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring range of devices
  • All-in-one monitoring solution: Ambulatory (ABPM), Home (HBPM), Office (OBP), Automatic Night Blood Pressure (ANBP), Automatic Self Blood Pressure (ASBP) measurement/monitoring
  • Light weight – from 122 grams (excluding batteries)
  • Compact – only 66mm x 24.5mm x 95mm (WxHxD)
  • Oscillometric measuring method
  • Irregular Heartbeat detection (IHB and AFIB detection) – noise detection, arrhythmia.
  • Automatically adjusts: Proper Cuff Pressure, Exhaust, End of Measurement
  • Multi-sensor tracking - activity, temperature, air pressure
  • Battery Power – only 2 alkaline or Ni-MH AA batteries
  • Multiple measurement intervals - adapts to patient's and healthcare professional’s exact requirements
  • Bluetooth (BLE) or USB cable data output to computer or printer
  • Local memory recording for up to 600 sets of data
  • 24-hour clock and calendar
  • Waterproof and Dustproof to IP22 Standard – designed ‘with the patient in mind’
  • Can be integrated into an Electronic Patient Record System (EPR)
  • Secure screw thread cuff connection – to avoid accidental disconnection/error readings common with some devices
  • 2 Display options: LCD – self measurement display, OLED – Ambulatory monitoring display
  • 4 cuff options ranging from 15cm to 50cm
  • Accuracy: blood pressure +/-3mmHg; pulse +/-5%
  • Clinically Validated to ISO810601-2